Softball, Commercial Grade, Dimpled Yellow, Box of 36


Commercial Grade Balls designed for high use. Will not split or chunk out. Will not jam in ball feeders. Feels like a real ball off the bat.

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Product Description

Absolutely the longest lasting pitching machine balls on the market today.

  • Our unique ultra-durable ball material will eliminate the cracking or chunking that can cause wild, dangerous pitches.
  • Ball density is designed for feel off of bat and to extend the usable life while minimizing damage to bats, floors and nets as well as equipment.
  • High visibility optic yellow makes this ball easy to see and track
  • Specifically designed low dimples, precision weight & size provide for the highest level of accuracy.
  • Balls are regulation weight to simulate the same mass as regulation balls. The low profile dimple are designed to minimize jamming in retrieval and feeder systems. They also reduce net and machine wear.


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