Replacement Motor for the Casey® pitching machine line


Heavy-use rated, permanent-magnet, direct -current motor for use with the Casey® pitching machine line.

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Product Description

The new TCS much-improved motor is designed to fit all Casey, Casey 2, Casey Pro and Casey Pro 3-G pitching machines made by ATEC. Manufactured in the US by Baldor Industrial Motors Division, our heavy-use rated, permanent-magnet, direct -current motor is designed for pitching machines used in backyard, high school, college and commercial batting cage facilities where run times can be extensive.

Upgraded features include:

  • A 1” diameter shaft tapered to ¾” forms a built-in shaft collar that allows proper mounting of the wheel. This eliminates the need for an additional spacer between the wheel and motor.
  • This 1” diameter shaft coupled with a stronger 1” inner diameter heavy-use bearing will also eliminate the side thrust inherent in other motors sold for these machines. Side thrust is the number one cause of motor failure. It can also result in excessive throwing wheel wobble that leads to bearing failure and extremely inaccurate pitching.
  • Motor brushes that are 30% longer and 10% wider provide

extended brush life, eliminating the need for frequent brush inspection and replacement.


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