Academy Training Facilities

As is our style, Take Command Sports has identified commercial equipment that can provide unique solutions to your facility needs. Our Total Component System is a flexible, adaptive quality unit that has it all in one very affordable, portable package.

Academe Batting Cage System

Our TCS (Total Component System) unit is a high revenue producing combination pitching machine and ball feeder system mounted on a extremely portable frame. This exclusive design makes this system perfect for indoor sport facilities requiring multiple uses for square footage.This Unit is available for Baseball and Softball.

Sets up quickly requiring only a standard 110-volt grounded outlet. No building modifications required. Available in either baseball or softball, the systems can be combined to throw both in a single station, increasing revenue per square foot usage.Unit comes with Hack or eHack Attack machine


The Total Component System consists of the following elements:


  • Dual use, low profile design is extremely portable with four high-grade casters designed to roll on any surface. Frame can be portable or permanently mounted to the floor. The frame is also designed to enable you to pivot the angle of the feeder 90 degrees or less, shortening the length behind the pitching machine for tight spaces or allowing you to work the feeder around structures in the pitching machine area.

Pitching Machine – Baseball or Softball

  • Three precision balance high-performance wheels will not deteriorate, turn hard, soft or melt like competitor’s wheels
  • Three 120-volt DC direct drive permanent magnet motors eliminate the need for pulleys and belts, minimizing breakdowns and scheduled maintenance
  • TCS_eHack_side

  • Variable speed controller allows independent control of all three motors and wheels, allowing for any type of ball spin and pitch
  • Delivers baseballs at speeds of 18 to 90+ MPH with uncanny accuracy.
  • Throws all pitch types including major league fastballs, and right- and left-handed breaking pitches including curveballs, sliders and split fingers
  • Ball viewing – delivery tray and chute allows for unobstructed vision of the ball from the time it leaves the feeder all the way through the machine with no turns or hesitation, allowing the batter to perfectly time their swing
  • Precision high/low adjustment for fine-tuning the pitch height
  • Inside/outside adjustment

Ball Feeder

  • Heavy duty all metal construction
  • 150 ball capacity
  • Total vision delivery allows batters full view of the ball being delivered
  • Unique pivoting system allows feeders to pivot and feed from rear or at any angle on either side, saving costly square footage and allowing this system to fit where other systems won’t
  • Heavy duty industrial grade motor requires no maintenance
  • Unique ball feed three-stage baffle system eliminates double feeds and jams
  • Automatic shut-off when not in use