About Take Command Sports

Take Command Sports is located in Reno, NV with field office in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 2010, the focus of the company is to fulfill the needs of commercial baseball and softball ranges with the most innovative products and the highest quality replacement parts available. The owners have vast experience in equipment design, manufacturing and marketing products to the commercial baseball and softball industry.

Jeff Postal

TCS-Bio-JeffPhotoJeff Postal is currently the Operations Manager for Take Command Sports (TCS) having joined the company in mid-2011. Postal is responsible for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of baseball and softball pitching machines, batting cages and multi-use netting for commercial facilities. For TCS, Postal will also be responsible to oversee the product development and selection, sales presentations, product quality assurance as well as all aspects of customer service across the United States.

Prior to TCS, Postal built a solid reputation with over 24 years of experience working for several well-known sporting goods companies including Athletic Training Equipment Company (ATEC), Wilson Sporting Goods and Sport Supply Group (SSG). For these companies he focused on developing relationships with national indoor facilities for all sports, maintaining a focus on baseball and softball.

Postal’s skills and expertise at trouble-shooting and servicing customers from the high school to professional levels is extensive. As the leading representative of the company, his technical and interpersonal skills will most certainly parallel the quality and professionalism of Take Command Sports.


Caleb Gault

TCS-Bio-CalebPhotoCaleb Gault, our National Sales Director, works and lives in the western region of the U.S. Gault, an exceptional athlete himself, has been around the sporting goods industry his entire life. Joining the family baseball focused business as a teenager, he has significant knowledge of the need for, use and value of professional training equipment in all levels of sports. Working his way through the manufacturing and assembly divisions of the company, he also understands the need for quality, feature-rich, sports specific training tools that can elevate not only an athlete, but also an entire team to a much higher level of performance. Now, leading the sales effort of Take Command Sports, Gault is well positioned to provide not only his significant knowledge, but also his strong passion and respect for the game.


Tommy Barber

TCS-Bio-TommyPhotoTommy Barber, a founding partner in Take Command Sports, works and lives in the southeast region of the U.S. Barber has vast experience in the athletic world, holding the titles of Athletic Director and Baseball Coach for Dekalb College as well as coaching many championship teams in high school baseball, football and wrestling. Over the years Barber has also lead the efforts of Tommy Barber Sports, a company focused on selling professional training tools as well as designing athletic facilities and installing equipment at colleges, public schools and organizations throughout the Southeast.


Kurt Brenner

TCS-Bio-KurtPhotoKurt Brenner, a founding partner in Take Command Sports, works and lives in the western region of the U.S. Brenner grew up in the sports training equipment industry, spending summers working in the family pitching machine business. He moved into a business consulting position with a commercial bating range franchisor and was a part of the opening team for over 100 indoor and outdoor batting cages around the country. He worked with franchisees ongoing to help streamline their operations and maximize profit centers in their facility throughout the year. With almost 25 years in the industry working both on the machine side as well as the facility side, he brings to our team a depth of equipment knowledge and hands-on batting range operations experience that can provide true value on all side of the business to any facility owner.


Doug Boehner

TCS-Bio-DougPhotoDoug Boehner, a founding partner in Take Command Sports, works and lives in the western region of the U.S. Boehner left his Bachelors and Masters degree in education and entered the world of manufacturing and selling pitching machines. His early background as a college and professional baseball player, as well as a high school coach provided a critical base upon which to build his subsequent ability to design effective pitching machines. His experience dates back to the 1970’s and the original arm machine, through the two wheel curveball machines to his latest and most effective design, a three-wheel machine. In addition to team pitching machines, his experience in commercial batting ranges and training centers date back to the 1980’s when he was instrumental in designing equipment for both indoor and outdoor facilities. Boehner holds multiple patents for various ball throwing machines acquired over his almost fifty years of work in the business.


Amanda Pratt

TCS-Bio-AmandaPhotoAmanda Pratt, a founding partner in Take Command Sports, works and lives in the western region of the U.S. Pratt has extensive marketing experience on both the product and facility side of the baseball/softball business. Through her experience as VP of Marketing for a chain of commercial batting ranges across the country and as VP of Marketing for the leading machine manufacturer, she brings to our elite team a level of expertise in communications and marketing strategy unmatched in the industry today. Currently Pratt is the managing partner of MarketLink, a firm providing marketing services to western regional business of many types.